Why RHOA Cast Turned Off Cameras During Bachelorette Party, See Video Sneak Peek

The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast breaks the fourth wall and asks production to shut off their cameras during Cynthia Bailey‘s unforgettable bachelorette party.

Ahead of the February 21 episode, a sneak peek is giving fans a glimpse into the highly anticipated episode that has been making headlines for months. In the clip, viewers get a taste of just how wild and erotic things truly got during the RHOA cast trip to Charleston, South Carolina.

“You know, I saw some things I will never forget,” Cynthia admits in the clip shared by Bravo TV, “but I think that it’s best to leave all of that behind in North Carolina. Well, OK, South Carolina. I think I’ve said enough.”

Kandi Burruss invites a stripper to perform for Cynthia as a gift, but the other women can be seen getting rather turned on by his spicy performance, with Porsha Williams asking, “How many arms do you have” after he seemingly exposes himself. Porsha can also be heard saying, “we [are] gonna lose our men for sure” just before she attempts to dance closely against the shirtless man.

As it turns out, Kandi has yet another surprise for Cynthia, which turns out to be a sex swing. Kandi is seen showing Cynthia how to properly use the device as all the other women gather around and Porsha drunkenly stumbles.

Then, after the male stripper – who has since been identified as Bolo – finishes his performance and heads off to his room, Porsha requests his presence again, so they can “just party.”

That’s when Kandi is heard asking production to stop filming as the other ladies all nod in agreement.

“Hopefully, we can get you guys to turn off the cameras for a little while so that we can actually have fun,” Kandi states.

Production appears to grant the request, but the women subsequently take things a step further by attempting to cover the cameras on the walls as Porsha can be heard saying to LaTayo Ali, “Come on down and come f*ck!”

As RHOA fans have likely heard, shortly after the trip, reports claiming that Porsha and Tanya Sam hooked up with the male stripper began to surface.

According to sources, their little rendezvous was quite loud and some of the ladies heard rather raunchy noises coming from one of the bedrooms.

“[I was] hearing all these noises, sex talk and ‘F me harder,’” one source alleged, also claiming that just when she thought it was over, it would start right back up.

Porsha still hasn’t denied her involvement in the alleged tryst, but Tanya has strongly denied playing a role in the incident and ultimately quit filming immediately after the allegations surfaced.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s new erotic, season 13 episode, which airs on Bravo at 8/7c. As the episode airs, please feel free to share your thoughts on the cast’s wild night in our chat below.

Photos Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

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