Who is Mallard on ‘The Masked Singer’ Season 6? Spoilers, Clues & Guesses Revealed!

The Mallard is performing again on The Masked Singer!

The celeb dressed up as a dapper duck returned for his second performance of the season on Wednesday (October 13).

While on stage, Mallard performed “My House” by Flo Rida.

is part of Group B, along with Queen of Hearts, Cupcake, Banana Split, and new wild card Caterpillar.

Find out who went home last week!

Click inside to read all the clues and guesses for The Mallard on The Masked Singer!


– “Growing up the way we did, you were always hustling.”

– One image pictures Mallard riding in a carriage, seating in a leather chair, with a small moose figurine on the arm rest.

– We see Mallard seeing selling worms, and they says “One of my first businesses was selling worms.”

– Viewers also see a high heel leather boot in an old-timey Ticket Booth.

– Says they “found the human jukebox on the school bus,” and explains how the so-called human jukebox words: “You gotta put a quarter in my armpit, and then I can sing.”

– “Girls really liked the entertainer on the bus.”

Mallard holds a framed photo of Chris Pratt, which also says BFF.”

PANEL GUESSES: Garth Brooks, Billy Ray Cyrus


– Met his wife in fourth grade

– Calls his wife a sweet glass of iced tea – possible reference to the South?

– Asked his wife to marry him on a moonlit hike

– First celeb crush was Olivia Newton-John

– His favorite physical of himself is his dimples

PANEL GUESSES: Freddie Prinze Jr, Nick Offerman, Jon Bon Jovi, Mario Lopez

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