What’s Really at Stake in a Kim Kardashian-Kanye West Divorce

Dressler continued, “A split enhances her brand…An empowered woman, especially a celebrity, at the core of any brand is a golden asset.” And in her opinion, Kim showed an impressive side of herself in how she handled the media maelstrom surrounding her problems with, and eventual split from, Kanye.

“If she continues to handle the split with finesse, her brand—character, story and product offerings—will only be enhanced,” Dressler said. “I expect that her latest interests in politics, law and wellness issues open up even more brand opportunities for her.”

While Yeezy has a devoted following and did $1.3 billion in sales in 2019, Berg from Forbes ventures that Kim’s got the stronger brand name at the moment. “There are more Kardashians than there are Kanye Wests, and they each have successful business endeavors, and they’re not going anywhere,” she says. “If anything, I think Kanye West may suffer a little bit. I think a big part of the Yeezy brand was supported by Kim, and she has a stronger social media following. She has a bigger presence right now, at least than Kanye West. So it will be really interesting to see kind of how active he is, how public he is. And then, what happens with Yeezy from there. “

As for what to do with KKW Beauty, W obviously standing for West, Dressler had some ideas as far as a creative new logo or even a name change—but obviously that, like every other life-altering decision she’s made lately, will entirely be up to what Kim feels is right.

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