What We Didn’t See on Matt James’ Season of The Bachelor

“The Bachelor”: Serena P. Tells All on “Women Tell All”

Previously on The Bachelor, you missed a whole lot of context.

No, it wasn’t because you missed an episode or scrolled on your phone a bit too much while watching Matt James‘ historic season unfold. It’s due to the astonishing amount of tape that hit the cutting room floor, including entire group dates—If a group date isn’t aired did it even really happen? A question for the ages!—and one of Matt’s most emotional revelations. Hey, who needs romance and real conversations when you can focus on girl-on-girl bullying among the women and unfounded rumors, right? 

Still, it was quite jarring to see the ABC reality hit point out that it just decided not to include multiple dates in the season, rather airing quick clips from them during the Women Tell All. Oh, and apparently two former Bachelorettes paid Matt a visit that we just never got to see?!

We’re sure we’re not the only ones a bit frustrated heading to the penultimate episode feeling like we barely know our lead or his final three—Bri Springs, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell—and that’s not even getting into everything happening offscreen in Bachelor Nation right now. 

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