What It’s Really Like Filming The Wilds

“It’s strenuous on your body, you know, ’cause you first have to build up even being able to be out in the water,” she recalled. “So, we did a lot of training in the swimming pools out in New Zealand.”

As Helena shared with us, the three actresses “had to be certified to even be able to be out there.” We love when safety is a priority!

Sophia expressed a similar sentiment as she recalled certain scenes needing “more athleticism.”

“And, in a lot of ways, I pushed myself further than I thought I could go,” she reflected. “I realized a lot…I didn’t even really know how far I could go.”

On going to and from the ocean, Sophia said it was like running the length of a football field.

Sophia highlighted, “I think the elements of it added this level of excitement to what we were doing.”

We’ll be watching The Wilds through a whole new lens now.

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