Vicki Gunvalson Reveals She Had ‘Her Uterus Taken Out’ Amid Secret Two-Year Cancer Battle

Vicki Gunvalson is opening up about her recent battle with cancer.

During an appearance on Jeff Lewis‘ SiriusXM show Jeff Lewis Live, the 59-year-old Real Housewives of Orange County alum revealed she had undergone a hysterectomy as part of her cancer treatment.

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“I had cancer! I just had my whole f—ing uterus taken out,” Vicki told Jeff.

The reality star had been discussing her ex boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, with Jeff. In 2016, Brooks admitted to forging medical records pertaining to his alleged cancer diagnosis to make it seem as thought he had been treated at cancer hospital City of Hope. He maintains that he was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2013.

In a statement to Celebuzz! on Monday (November 24) she shared an official statement about her battle with uterine cancer.

“I was diagnosed with uterine cancer almost 2 years ago, and I did share it on Jeff Lewis’s Podcast when I appeared last week,” she told the outlet. “Due to the diagnosis, I had to undergo a non-elective full hysterectomy. I was fortunate to catch it early thanks to always adhering to my annual exam schedule.”

Jeff and Vicki also squashed their four year beef during the show, putting an end to their longtime feud. He began by apologizing for firing “the first missile” by saying that Vicki should be fired or suspended from RHOC.

“I actually deeply regret it. I f—ed with your business and your livelihood, which is my number one no-no and I was wrong,” he said.

Vicki followed up by apologizing for a tweet she had shared after Jeff and his ex-boyfriend Gage Edward split in 2019.

“I am sorry. Seriously, I’m sorry because I know how hard it is to be broken up with. When the relationship ends, it is a low blow and I’m sorry,” she said. “I should have called you afterwards or taken it back. [But] you were coming after me. And I was like, ‘Yeah, you treat people like s—, s—’s going to happen to you.’ ”

Watch their full interview down below.

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