RHOC Alum Vicki Gunvalson Confirms Briana Culberson is No Longer Moving to Chicago, Find Out Where She and Her Family Are Headed as Vicki Reacts to Rumors of Financial Instability

Vicki Gunvalson on Why Briana’s No Longer Moving to Chicago, RHOC Alum Reacts to Money Trouble Rumors

Vicki Gunvalson‘s daughter, Briana Culberson, is no longer relocating to Chicago with her family.

During a new interview, the former Real Housewives of Orange County cast member revealed where Briana and husband Ryan Culberson are headed after canceling plans to move to Illinois and explained her own decision to sell the lake house she purchased in North Carolina less than one year ago.

“Ryan and Briana recently announced that they were moving from North Carolina to Illinois. Then, Ryan ended up getting a last-minute huge job offer in Oklahoma City that he ended up taking from his Toys for Tots Marine connection,” Vicki told Celebuzz on February 4.

According to the ex-RHOC star, Ryan took the job offer in Oklahoma City because it will enable Briana to stay at home with their new son “for at least” one year and allow for their two older sons to get back to school.

“They have already sold their home in one day and purchased a new beautiful home in Oklahoma,” Vicki revealed.

Although Vicki wasn’t initially happy about Briana and Ryan’s move to Oklahoma, as she would prefer the family be closer to their other relatives in Illinois, she has since realized that this is the best decision for their family.

She has also realized that holding onto her lake house doesn’t make much sense anymore.

“If they were staying in North Carolina, I would have kept the house so I had a place of my own to be closer to them and my grandchildren; however, with them moving, it doesn’t make sense,” she said.

As for the possibility of buying a new home in Oklahoma, Vicki said she has no plans to do so “yet.”

“Ryan and Briana have purchased a home that is 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and is on 2+ acres, and has their own beautiful swimming pool in the backyard which means they have a guest room for me when I come visit. So for now, Orange County to Oklahoma will be my new flight plan route instead of Orange County to NC,” she explained.

Vicki went on to say that while there have been swirling rumors from critics who have questioned her financial stability, especially after her exit from RHOC, she isn’t hurting by any means.

“I’m financially doing great in the midst of a world pandemic. I’ve always owned several real estate properties, and this was a good ‘flip’ house for me,” Vicki shared. “It’s almost as if people forget that I own a very successful insurance company called Coto Insurance.”

“I’m not poor by any means,” she added.

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