Vacations, Bar Sex, and Ragers Show Biden Plea to Wait for the Fourth of July Falls on Deaf Ears

Joe Biden on Thursday suggested it might be safe to gather in small groups come July 4, 2021, as vaccinations ramp up and the pandemic shows signs of easing. But from where Francisco Bruna is sitting, plenty of Americans have no intention of waiting even close to that long.

“We’re receiving a lot of calls,” Bruna, owner of Bru Med Travel, a Miami travel agency, told The Daily Beast on Friday. “People are starting to make travel arrangements, not only in the States but in the Caribbean and overseas as well. Some countries have opened up, like Turkey, Dubai, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands.”

Bruna said he has made some bookings for clients prior to Memorial Day, with people traveling to the Caribbean and Mexico in May, but that the bulk of the trips planned so far will take place in June, July, and August.

As for cruises, things are “a little more complicated,” Bruna added, explaining that ships may set sail over the summer at 50 to 75 percent capacity. He expects more stateside river cruise bookings, as well as voyages in and around the Hawaiian islands.

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