Time’s Up Fires Staff, Aims For Reset After Scandal Cripples Group – Deadline

Time’s Up isn’t officially shutting down, but the scandal tainted advocacy organization will not be the same.

Over two months after CEO Tina Tchen resigned amidst the fallout from sexual harassment allegations against now former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Time’s Out is losing its interim boss, and almost all of its remaining board and staff.

In what current Board Chair Gabrielle Sulzberger today calls “a needed reset, not a retreat,” the group is aiming towards “building a more focused, transparent, and inclusive organization” after conducting an internal review of all that went sideways the past few year. What form that reset actually takes is unknown at present, but with a mere trio of staffers and a few board members onboard to keep the lights turned. However a source close to Time’s Up tells us that the group is “serious about resetting” – again, whatever that means.

Time’s Up will essentially end its current work and programs on New Year’s Day 2022, the organization said Friday. Approximately two dozen staffers will be pink slipped accordingly with severance packages running through March 1 next year.

They say otherwise but it is hard to see how they come back from this year and now this” noted an individual once close to Time’s Up upper echelon.

“We persevere,” says now exiting Interim CEO Monifa Bandele of the once heralded 2017 formed group. “We will not lose the ground gained for women’s equality and safety over these last several years,” the ex-Times Up COO who took over on August 26 after former Michelle Obama chief of staff Tchen left. “Our movement and the stakes for our entire society and future generations are so much bigger than one organization or title. We will continue to make significant contributions, both through work led by Time’s Up and beyond.”

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