TikTok Drew Afualo Takes Down Misogyny

“Shit talking” is one way to describe what Drew does. It’s more like complete and utter obliteration. Unfortunately, though, calling out misogynists means opening the flood gates to them acting misogynistic toward Drew herself. She is constantly called “fat,” “ugly,” a “bully,” a “toad” and any other plethora of horrible names from (mostly) men. “Now that I’ve experienced such extreme growth in a short amount of time, they’re doing it [hate comments] more and more prevalently,” she explained. “I did [a video] a few weeks ago about this guy who was like, ‘You think I’m afraid of the toad queen,’ and it’s funny because he’s had me blocked for months.”

@drewafualo / Via tiktok.com

She frequently gets called a “misandrist” or “man-hater” as well. “Calling someone a misandrist is just a piss poor attempt to justify being misogynistic,” she added. “It’s quite literally impossible to be misogynistic towards men.”

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