Thomas Girardi’s Ex-Employee Slams Erika Jayne’s “Acting” on RHOBH, Accuses Her of Not Caring About Victims

Kimberly Archie, a former employee of Thomas Girardi, is speaking out about the ongoing legal scandal he and his estranged wife, Erika Jayne, are facing.

As Erika continues to be seen reacting to their drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kimberly isn’t buying her emotions. Instead, she’s accusing her of failing to care about Thomas’ many victims while also reacting to the attorney’s “alleged” Alzheimer’s and dishing on one of his female companions.

“It does feel very staged,” Kimberly admitted of Erika’s emotional moments on the July 20 episode of Juicy Scoop. “She likes big sunglasses. She’s sitting in bright sunlight with non-waterproof mascara, sobbing. Did she take acting classes? She needs to get her money back because nobody was buying any of that. It was terrible acting.”

Kimberly has also been left unimpressed by Erika’s social media feed.

“[Erika is] doing things on social media that seem to be very disingenuous and not caring at all by the people affected,” she alleged.

While Kimberly acknowledged that Erika has likely been advised against speaking about the cases against her, she told host Heather McDonald that the RHOBH star is “not reading the room at all” and choosing to instead “paint herself as a victim.”

“You would probably try to pick something different if you were acknowledging other victims in the first place because you’d realize how ridiculous you look up next to Joe Ruigomez whose been burned [on] 90 percent of his body,” she continued. “Who gave you that narrative? Because it looks wild. It doesn’t make sense.”

As RHOBH fans may know, Joe and his family filed a lawsuit against Thomas years ago after he failed to turn over an $11 million settlement he secured for them after Joe was injured in a gas explosion. And, just weeks ago, a judge ruled that the family can now go after Erika for the money owed.

As Erika continues to be pulled into the many lawsuits pending against Thomas, his estate is now being controlled by his younger brother, Robert Girardi, who was named as his conservator earlier this year amid reports of a hospitalization and news of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

While Kimberly made it clear that she’s not buying the diagnosis, she admitted that Thomas had been showing signs of memory loss not long ago, possibly due to a car accident he was involved in “three or four years ago.”

“He did seem to have short-term memory. Every time I’d meet with him, he’d repeat a question he asked the last time. So I was starting to pick up on that,” she noted.

When the topic then moved to the scandalous text messages Erika shared at the end of last year, which seemingly proved that Thomas had cheated on her with judge Tricia A. Bigelow, Kimberly said there was at least one other woman Thomas was involved with.

“There was somebody everyone knew about. I think that’s who he was having dinner with recently when someone caught him in Pasadena,” she shared, giving a nod to a photo that surfaced of Thomas and a blonde woman on social media weeks ago. “There was a lady that everyone kind of knew about and she went with Tom everywhere after Erika was on the show just sort of as a companion, like fill-in for Erika.”

Although Erika has bragged about her marriage at times on RHOBH, Kimberly suggested their relationship was not monogamous, nor was it romantic.

”I don’t understand how, in any way, she can introduce the idea that they had this traditional, monogamous, husband and wife, romantic relationship. It [was] obviously never the case. They are business partners,” she alleged.

Also during the interview, Kimberly said that Thomas’ money troubles “blew up” after lenders quit allowing him to borrow.

“Because of the Ruigomez case, he could no longer borrow from the legal lending companies. That’s where everything blew up because he didn’t have money to keep the lid on the next problem, which was Chicago,” she explained.

In late 2020, a Chicago-based firm filed a $2 million embezzlement case against Thomas and Erika in which the pair were accused of stealing settlement money from orphans and widows of victims of a 2018 plane crash in Indonesia.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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