This Is the Future Alex Morgan Hopes Daughter Charlie Will Inherit

As for if Charlie will have her own journey that takes her to the 2039 World Cup, considering her genetics, it’s at least a possibility. 

“I hope so, but I’m not going to set high expectations on her,” said Morgan of her daughter becoming an athlete. First, they’ll start with youth soccer and, you know, mastering walking. “We’ll see how I am as a soccer mom on the sideline,” she continued, noting it will likely require more than a little patiences on her part. “I really hope I’m a calm one.” 

Until she’s handing out orange slices and screaming at yellow card-toting refs, she’ll appreciate the chance to bring her girl up in an ever-changing world. As glass ceilings start to crack, she intends on celebrating each one. Take Vice President Kamala HarrisNovember victory, for instance. “For her not even knowing that there was not a woman in the White House before her time, like, that’s amazing,” she said of Charlie. “It’s little things like that that you’re like, ‘That’s a f–king win!'” 

Take it from someone who’s notched more than a few. 

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