The Most Ridiculous Reality Shows of All Time

Reality TV is one of our greatest indulgences. From dishy dates, incredible renovations, and deep dives into the fabulous lives of the elite, there are some incredible moments that reality TV has gifted us. Case in point, the moment when Aviva threw her prosthetic leg after a Real Housewives fight, the time Brad Womack picked no one on The Bachelor, or even when Kim and Kourtney had a massive brawl on KUWTK. Between the brawls, bashes, delectable treats, and sweet love stories, we cannot get enough of these shows.However, not all reality shows are created equally. In fact, some concepts are down-right bizarre. Un-PC. Nuts. Weird. Absolutely mind-boggling. Such moments have included competing for a dream wedding and plastic surgery, getting engaged after a beauty pageant-esque hourlong special, marrying a stranger at first glance, random celebs grooving to hit songs in bizarre costumes, and embracing your birthday suit and putting it all out there. We’ve truly seen it all — the good, the bad, and the crazy! Take a look back with us as we relive the most insane and ridiculous global reality shows. We can’t believe they ever made it on air let alone we used to watch weekly.

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