The most body positive celebrities on Instagram: Photos

The Bold Type star Katie Stevens has opened up body insecurities in a powerful Instagram post.

On August 5, the actress shared a post-workout photo and revealed that until she now she had “never felt confident posting a photo” in her workout clothes let alone a bathing suit.

“But that’s because I’ve never felt 100 per cent confident in my skin,” she confessed in the caption. “When I was younger, I was ‘athletic’ but even then I had an unhealthy obsession with what it meant to be fit. I didn’t even have social media back then (cause Instagram/Twitter didn’t exist *shock*) but I cant imagine what it would’ve done to my already fragile mental state.”

She continued, “I didn’t have the image of picture perfect Instagrammers staring back at me, but I already wanted to be like anybody but myself. I’ve never had an eating disorder, but not being able to look in the mirror and see what others saw in me, might as well have been one.”

Now, the actress says she’s in love with the person that she is and appreciates and respects her body.

“I finally, within the last year or so, feel like I’m developing a better relationship with my body, with food, with my thoughts, and in turn, with the people around me,” she wrote.

She finished by telling her fans that self love is a journey.

“No one ever has it figured out. Remember that! You’re not alone! Hope you all have a great week 😘 You’re all enough exactly as you are, just look in the mirror and remind yourself,” she wrote.

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