The End Is Finally Near for America’s Trumpiest Democrat

“I am not part of the political club.”

With that sentence, Andrew Cuomo graduated to Donald Trump’s realm—shameless arrogance married to an absolute rejection of empirical reality.

Cuomo, New York’s governor, said on Friday he would not resign. He has been steadfast as six different women accuse him of sexual harassment and the FBI investigates his state’s counting of nursing home deaths during the coronavirus pandemic. Most of his own party has turned against him. A normal politician, facing down twin scandals, would decide to call it quits.

But Cuomo, who has been governor for more than a decade, is not normal. He shares a few political genes with Trump, who came out of the same city and same borough and was reared, ultimately, with the same entitlement. Trump’s father, Fred, was one of New York’s most powerful real estate developers while Cuomo’s father, Mario, governed the state for 12 years.

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