The Crown Won’t Be Covering Meghan And Harry

“I don’t know what their journey is or how it will end.”

Even though the couple admitted to watching “some” of the Netflix series during their tell-all interview with Oprah, the show’s creator has no plans to include them in future episodes.

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With the show’s sixth season set to be its last, creator Peter Morgan says the show will wrap up somewhere in the early 2000s.

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He explained to The Hollywood Reporter last year that he has a “20-year” rule in his head which gives “enough time and enough distance to really understand something” and its “relevance.”

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“Often things that appear absolutely wildly important today are instantly forgotten, and other things have a habit of sticking around and proving to be historically very relevant and long-lasting,” Peter said.

“I don’t know where in the scheme of things…Meghan Markle or Harry will ever appear. We won’t know, and you need time to stop something being journalistic. And so I don’t want to write about them because to write about them would instantly make it journalistic,” he continued.

Peter added, “I just think you get so much more interesting [with time]. Meghan and Harry are in the middle of their journey, and I don’t know what their journey is or how it will end. One wishes some happiness, but I’m much more comfortable writing about things that happened at least 20 years ago.”

And while fans may be disappointed that they won’t get to watch Meghan and Harry’s love story unfold on screen, it’s reportedly Harry’s wish to not be included in the show.

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According to royal biographer Angela Levin, Harry conveyed his request during a meeting at Kensington Palace.

“When I met Harry at Kensington Palace the first question he asked me was, ‘Are you watching The Crown?’ I mumbled and said, ‘Are you and the rest of the Royal Family?’ He said, ‘Yes, we’re all absolutely watching everything but I’m going to insist it stops before it reaches me,'” Angela told talkRADIO.

Season 5 of The Crown is set to debut in 2022, while fans can expect to see the sixth and final season in 2023, sans Harry and Meghan.

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