The Bachelor’s Rachael Kirkconnell & Matt James Spotted Out Together AGAIN After Breakup Drama – Here’s What’s Going On!!

Turns out these two just can’t quit each other!

No matter how much we may be hearing and reporting about the supposed demise of Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James, the two reality TV alums just keep getting back together again.

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Late last week, we last reported how the two Bachelor alums and (apparent?) exes were no longer on speaking terms with each other at all! It seriously looked like Rachael’s fraternity formal f**k-up plus Matt’s apparent convos with other girls would jointly do them in — like, for real. That would be it.

But not so fast, friends!

Just as we settled in to prepare ourselves for a new Bachelorette (Katie Thurston) and the cloudy future of the reality TV franchise, these two threw us ANOTHER curveball! Last week, we started hearing rumors that the former college football player and the graphic designer had been spotted out and about again — this time, down in southern California. Quickly, insiders shared the duo was dining at a Newport Beach hot spot, and had been seen together by fans of the show.

Sure enough, later on Friday, Reality Steve (yes, the same Reality Steve who is mired in his own controversy right now) posted photo confirmation of the apparent reconciliation at the restaurant in the seaside city:


Also, more than just a meal, Steve confirmed that the Georgia native “has been with Matt all week,” which would certainly suggest a much more serious thing! One lunch, hey, maybe you can deny it and claim they just happened to be in the same town and were catching up. Ya know?! But a whole week together?! Girl… there’s something much bigger going on!

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This tracks with what an insider close to Matt told E! News:

“Rachael and Matt have been spending the last week in Orange County together. They have been staying at a friend’s house trying to be low-key.”

Low-key would have been meals at home, but ok?? The source went on, detailing the real reason for the reunion:

“Matt felt horrible about what went down with him and Rachael recently and wanted to see her. He initiated the visit.”

As for “very skeptical” Rachael? Well, the confidant says she “cares about Matt and wanted to hear what he had to say”:

“They aren’t back together, but definitely still have feelings. They are having a good time right now and everything feels back to normal between them.”

To be honest, we seriously thought the social issues and objectively racist actions uncovered during Matt’s season on the hit reality TV show would’ve been a dealbreaker and then some for this relationship. So this just goes to show that these two have a far more serious connection than we realized! And not only that, but the dynamic must be very different behind the scenes!

It’s clear Rachael and Matt have given each other a second chance. Thoughts??

[Image via Rachael Kirkconnell/Instagram/Matt James/Instagram]

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