The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard Responds to Comments About His Chin

The Bachelor‘s Clayton Echard is responding to comments that people are making about his chin!

The 28-year-old sales representative and former football player opened up about his appearance during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday (January 10) in Hollywood.

When Clayton came on stage, Jimmy remarked that he looked exactly the way fellow guest Steve Harvey described him.

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Clayton said he missed Steve‘s comments and Jimmy said, “He described you as a very handsome, strong-chinned, I think he even said beautiful man.”

“I’ve heard the chin comments quite a bit. My brothers, everybody, I’ve heard it all. Hey, you know what? It’s a strong feature, right? I mean, that’s good, I hope,” Clayton said.

Later on, Clayton talked about the moment he learned he’d be the next Bachelor and how his brothers roasted him.

“They were like, ‘Oh, Crimson Chin about to show up on national television’ and ‘that 10 pounds is going straight to the chin.’ They were busting my chops,” he said.

A big spoiler for Clayton‘s season was just revealed by one of his contestants.

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