The Bachelor Finally Says Goodbye to Some Of Its Bullies


Finally, Victoria is gone. 

The Bachelor finally got rid of one of its biggest problems this week after Matt James was finally informed of the madness that’s been going on amongst the women fighting for his hand in marriage. To his credit, justice was fairly swift. 

Matt first spoke to Brittany, who had been accused of being an escort in last week’s episode. She was clearly devastated about how much bullying she had encountered since joining the show and told him it was Anna who spread the rumor. Matt then sat down with Anna, and while she admitted she had made a mistake, that wasn’t enough to save her, and Matt sent her home. 

Then Matt took some time to talk to some of the other girls and he learned that Victoria had said Ryan was a “ho” simply because she was a dancer. That’s just one of Victoria’s many crimes, but it’s the one he confronted her with. Victoria said that line was taken out of context but couldn’t explain to Matt what context would make that comment OK, and as the rose ceremony began, she began to panic. 

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