The Alleged Mother Of Tristan Thompson’s Child Goes On An Online Rant Demanding He Take Another DNA Test—“I’m Not Going Anywhere!”

Roommates. Tristan Thompson and the alleged mother of his child Kimberly Alexander have been in a heated back-and-forth for quite a while now regarding the paternity of her five-year-old son—and she’s back with more heat for him. In a lengthy set of Instagram posts, Kimberly not only demanded that Tristan Thompson take another DNA test, she also called out his girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, Khloe Kardashian.

Kimberly Alexander headed to her Instagram stories with strong messages for Tristan Thompson, who she continues to claim is the father of her son:

“@realtristan13 stop sending people to my home and take another test trying to scare me ain’t working! I’m not going anywhere trying to focus on another baby with Kloger focus on what u made here boo! The truth shall set u free I know it’s eating u up at night. Trying to scare me into giving up won’t help ya’ll think I should start a go fund me for Lawyer fees to get this test done, I need help this dude needs to be stopped!!! These kartrashians are trying real hard to scare me out of cali NOT!!!!”

She continued, adding:

“It gets scary when u live in a gated community and people keeps knocking on ur door!!! Send another person and see him on the news next!!”

As of now, Tristan Thompson has not publicly responded to Kimberly Alexander’s messages, however he did file a libel lawsuit against her back in May of last year.


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