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Neil Patrick Harris apologises after ‘vile’ Amy Winehouse joke made months after her 2011 death resurfaces

Actor Neil Patrick Harris has apologised for a joke he made about singer Amy Winehouse months after her death in 2011. The prank resurfaced online over the weekend, which showed the How I Met Your Mother star serving up a buffet platter that resembled the corpse of the British singer during his star-studded Halloween party …

Reality TV Stars

Actresses’ Transformations for Killer Roles: Before-and-After Pictures

Getting into character! Some actresses are so dedicated to their craft that they’re willing to undergo complete transformations for a role. Actresses like Jessica Biel and Renée Zellweger have gone so far as to transform into unrecognizable characters for their roles as killers.  For her upcoming part in the Hulu true-crime series Candy, Jessica underwent …