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Reality TV Stars

Lala Kent Shares HILARIOUS Drugged Up Post-Op Video After Getting Her ‘Boobs Done’!

This is just too funny! As you may recall, Lala Kent previously revealed to the Behind the Velvet Rope podcast on April 18 that in honor of the paperback release of her book Give Them Lala, she was planning to get her boobs done that same week. Now, the 31-year-old reality star is giving a peek …

Reality TV Stars

Ashton Kutcher’s Hilarious Reaction To Mila Kunis On Time 100 List

“You just had to do this didn’t you?” Posted 4 minutes ago Sometimes it’s great to have a partner who keeps you humble. For Ashton Kutcher, it appears that this is certainly the case thanks to his wife, Mila Kunis. Picture Alliance / dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images If you’ve been online recently, you’ll probably …