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Reality TV Stars

Netflix Lays Off An Estimated 150 Employees Due To Slow Revenue Growth & Business Needs

It looks like some changes are happening over there at Netflix. On Tuesday, it was reported that the streaming company has laid off at least 150 employees as their revenue is starting to grow at a slower pace. According to Forbes, a spokesperson for the company made it clear that the recent layoffs had nothing …

Reality TV Stars

Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‘Appalled By The Disrespect’ Of Jesse Williams Nude Leak

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has harsh words for the audience member who violated the privacy of his co-star. The “Modern Family” actor spoke out on Tuesday condemning the leaked nude images of fellow actor Jesse Williams from the Broadway play, “Take Me Out,” in which Ferguson also stars. Williams portrays a gay baseball player in the …

Reality TV Stars

Kim Kardashian Receives Piece Of Marilyn Monroe’s Hair (Video)

Can you believe it?! Kim Kardashian isn’t over her high from Monday’s Met Gala! Last night Kimmy popped out wearing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday” Mr. President dress, from when she sang to John F. Kennedy in 1962. However, the moment isn’t over just yet. Kimmy is back in the headlines once again after receiving …