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DeuxMoi Apologizes to Jesse Metcalfe After Posting ‘Bulls—‘ Blind Item

“if you think an email is about you, don’t publicly respond to it if you don’t want to bring attention to yourself.” Celebrity gossip site DeuxMoi has apologized to actor Jesse Metcalfe, after the actor called them out for posting a “bulls—” blind item many assumed was about him. Earlier this week, the site shared …

Reality TV Stars

OMG Jesse Metcalfe Actually Called BS On A DeuxMoi Blind Item! The SHADE In Her Apology!

Note to celebs: DO NOT DO THIS! Instagram celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi publishes tons of blind items every day — you know, those little tidbits of hot goss that no one can confirm, so no names are used. Well, Jesse Metcalfe saw one that he was pretty sure was about him — and he totally triggered the …