Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2021: 9 Winter Looks & How To Wear Them

Now that the longest January on record (it’s official) is finally over, many of us are looking ahead to what the rest of the year has in store.

Unlike previous years – when we’d consider a family break around Easter, a big girls’ holiday in the summer, lots of dinners with the friends that we’ve been meaning to catch up with since before Christmas, another whirl on the dating apps we deleted in a frustrated rage last year, another stab at that work promotion etc. – our 2021 calendar is looking somewhat scarce.

With the world still in varying degrees of standstill and as we find ourselves in a third – seemingly never-ending – national lockdown, almost every plan that involves us venturing onto the other side of our front door has been halted.

But with so little idea about what the future holds, thanks to the ever-reliable biannual nature of the fashion world we’ve at least got *some* idea of what the next few months will look like. Or, rather, what our wardrobes will look like.

True to form, albeit in a very different format, last September saw some of the world’s biggest and most influential fashion houses put on their spring/summer 2021 showcase in order to convey the new sartorial forecast.

Debuting new takes on the world’s current favourite looks as well as entirely new trends, it provided editors and fans with an insight as to the proposed fashion landscape come spring.

Whether we’re wearing these looks to celebrate an (albeit unlikely) early lift on lockdown or for a quick mirror selfie to keep the Instagram feed ticking before heading straight back into your trusty tracksuit bottoms, we’re yet to know for sure.

Looking for more immediate sartorial inspo? Head to our AW20 round up to take a look at all of this winter’s biggest fashion trends.

Ready to look ahead?

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