‘South Park’ Kills Off a Beloved Character in Post-COVID Special


South Park is making goodbye to a beloved character – for real, this time.

The show aired its hour-long Post COVID special on Paramount+, which is set far into the future.

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The show’s four main characters are also separated, including Stan, who becomes an online whiskey consultant in a relationship with a holographic Alexa.

In the special, he gets a phone call from Kyle, who tells him that their friend Kenny McCormick – who grew up to be a millionaire scientist – is dead, for real.

All of the show’s characters head to South Park for Kenny’s funeral, including Cartman, who has since converted to Judaism.

While at the funeral, it becomes clear that Kenny’s death – allegedly due to COVID Delta+ Rewards variant – is no accident, and they decide that he must have been killed while investigating the origin of coronavirus.

It’s later decided that Kenny has a flash drive inside him, which reveals in a video that he was attempting to travel back in time to prevent the pandemic, and he blames his “three d–khead friends, Stan, Kyle and Cartman,” who “ruined everything when they let COVID break up their friendship and become argumentative, combative, pessimistic a–holes.”

“Let’s face it, guys, we killed Kenny,” they said.

Paramount+ also just made a huge announcement about South Park.

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