Shadow And Bone: The Darkling Obsession Tweets

“The Darkling has me in shackles.”

The long-awaited TV show Shadow and Bone hit Netflix this weekend, and whew! What a ride that was. After binge-watching the whole season, I was left with one feeling: thirst for The Darkling.

Netflix / Courtesy Everett Collection

Ben Barnes really made my Darkling dreams come true. And if you can’t get enough of Ben, you can find more cute pics of him here.

Apparently, I was not alone in my adoration! The internet is ABLAZE with Darkling love. So here are all the best tweets about our favorite Shadow Summoner:


Didn’t like what they did with zoya and the darkling at all but “I shall relax when I have Alina” was so powerful my man said I might be a mass murderer but I draw the line at being disloyal to my soulmate #ShadowAndBone

Twitter: @darklingduarte


You can’t just show me a girl with the power of the light and a guy with the power of the darkness, two sides of the same coin, sun and moon, good and evil, light and dark…

… and then expect me to root for the basic best friends to lovers couple


Twitter: @Heartwriter2607

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