‘Selling Sunset’ Star Davina Potratz Hits Back at Rumors Christine Quinn Faked Her Pregnancy

Davina Potratz is setting the record straight.

During a new episode of Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, the Selling Sunset star spoke out about rumors her co-star Christine Quinn had faked her pregnancy with son Christian Georges Dumontet.

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Davina called the claims “f–ked up” and said Christine was “really hurt” by the allegations.

Christine was absolutely pregnant. I saw her belly. She called me from the hospital the day she gave birth. I saw her C-section scar,” Davina said. “We were on FaceTime. She absolutely was pregnant and gave birth to her son.”

The real estate broker described Christine as someone who’s “very lean” and can “bounce back very quickly.”

“Why should someone hate her because that? That’s not fair,” she continued. “It’s really hurtful, you know, when someone says she didn’t give birth.”

Davina went on to say she felt the claims were even more upsetting considering the “horrible” childbirth Christine had.

“I can’t lie about something that I don’t know about, but I will defend something that I do know,” she explained. “She really was pregnant and that she really did give birth to her child. Regardless of people supporting her or not supporting her, that part of it is true.”

Christine spoke out about the rumors in December, where she said Selling Sunset‘s editing contributed to the claims about her pregnancy.

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