Scott Disick Reaches Settlement with Rehab Center, Says Facility Didn’t Leak His Info

Scott Disick has reached a settlement with the rehab center where he sought treatment last year.

In case you don’t remember, Scott checked into All Points North Lodge in May 2020 and he left the program less than a week later after a photo of him on a Zoom group was leaked to the media.

At the time, Scott‘s attorney announced that he was going to take legal action against the facility for an alleged HIPAA violation.

Now, Scott admits that the facility did not leak his personal info.

Click inside to read Scott Disick’s statement…

“Behavioral health in this country still carries a stigma,” Scott said in his statement (via E! News). “That stigma is often the greatest barrier for people who want help. Both APN Lodge and I believe that everyone seeking help deserves that help free of disclosure or publicity.”

“To that end, l have resolved all of my issues with APN Lodge and after an investigation, do not believe that the facility was responsible for the leak of my personal information. I hope this experience encourages, rather than discourages, others from seeking the help they need,” he added.

APN Lodge’s CEO Noah Nordheimer added, “APN Lodge is a team and campus of professionals that are devoted to helping people have sustainable, positive lives. Nobody should ever have to feel shame for wanting to improve their life, yet we still have this visceral reaction to any form of therapy. It is time for that to stop.”

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