Remi Bader Shoots Her Shot With Jonah Hill on Down in the DMs

What happens in the DMs does not stay in the DMs.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamt of the day that our favorite celebrity finally acknowledges our existence. 

The likelihood of this ever happening may be slim—especially if you’re hoping to hear from, say, George Clooney—but social media certainly helps your chances. 

At least, that’s what Remi Bader is banking on. 

The Tik Tok star, real estate content creator and curve model appeared on E! News’ brand new digital series Down in the DMS, which is exactly what it sounds like: your favorite internet personalities opening up their DMs to reveal who they’ve been hitting up—whether to flirt or form a new friendship—and vice-versa. 

As for Remi, she’s definitely not afraid to make the first move. Just ask Jonah Hill!

“I cannot lie about this, I’ve probably DM’d Jonah Hill like 100 times,” she revealed on Down in the DMs. “I’ve given up on it now—he actually has a new girlfriend that I saw, so I respect that and I’m happy for him—but I really just thought at a point that he would answer me.”

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