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Ranking The Wildest Moments In “You” Season 3


Well, hello, you. If you’ve managed to binge through season three of Netflix’s You, congratulations for surviving all of that murder and mayhem.

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Without a doubt, there are a TON of wild moments in the third installation of this quaint dramedy about serial killers trying to find love and meaning in life.

John P. Fleenor / Netflix

Although you could say that Joe Goldberg did, in fact, find the Love (Quinn) of his life.

If you’re still emotionally processing the twists and turns this season, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve decided to order the mind-boggling shenanigans that go down in season three from mildly bonkers to WTF — keep reading ahead for our official ranking.


When Joe gets the measles.


Yeah, a grown man getting a rare childhood disease is the least wild twist on this show about *checks notes* serial killers. That said, it is pretty wild that he tries to incriminate his poor neighbor while being completely sick and woozy. 


When Cary and Sherry give their TED talk.


Sherry and Cary capitalize on their near-death experience by doling out relationship advice and dunking on Love. Given what we know about them, this venture tracks, but it’s also very funny and unhinged. I mean, they’re using a literal cage.


When Matthew cobbles together a little NSA surveillance system in his home.


Can y’all believe that a grown man reviewing footage of his neighbors is one of the less weird things to happen this season?! 


When Love hooks up with Theo.


It’s a whole damn mess, and poor Theo never stood a chance.  


When Love leaves a gun inside of the cage, promising Cary and Sherry that the person who survives gets to leave.


Just when you think Love couldn’t get any sicker, this happens. And surprise, surprise, they shoot each other!


When Joe and Love dig up a dead body…with their kid hanging out in the back.


Not now, Mommy and Daddy are busy covering up a brutal murder. 


When Theo survives after Love pushes him down a flight of stairs.


Hey, we’re not saying that this show is true to life or anything, but it’s a shocker that Theo survives given how much blood he loses.


When Love’s mom burns down the vineyard while drunkenly looking after Henry.


Honestly, thank goodness that Henry is staying with Dante and Lansing…for now. His parents and Glamma really aren’t the best caretakers. 


When Joe stabs Ryan to death.


Ryan’s death isn’t all that much of a shocker given that Joe kills people that he sees as obstacles. But the fact that Joe has to stab him multiple times after he falls off a ledge is pretty twisted. And the fact that Joe just CASUALLY leaves his son with his co-worker to go kill someone is also something we should mention…


When Joe sees his mom with his potential brother in a flashback.


Surprise! A new potential brother just dropped, so we might see some brotherly love come season four. 


When Love kills Natalie.


I mean, Love is a serial killer, but wow, murdering in the first episode of the season is what we call getting a head start. 


When Love and Joe have that swinging session with the Conrads.


Given how fractured the Quinn-Goldberg marriage is, this was a recipe for disaster. Surprisingly, we see just how much of a team Sherry and Cary are. Also surprising? Love straight-up blurting out that she murdered Natalie. 


When Love and Joe hook up after knocking out Cary and Sherry.


Like Joe said, their love language is violence. 


Love’s death.


Wow, remember when Joe jabs Love with her own poison and thinks ahead to take the adrenaline to protect himself?! How he manages to frame everything on her is pretty baffling as well. But with all of Love’s messes throughout this season, it was only a matter of time. Not to say that we don’t kind of feel bad for Love. 


When Gil kills himself.


Looking back, Love knocking out an anti-vaxxer whose kids got her kid sick doesn’t seem too left of center for her character. But Gil killing himself after the Quinn-Goldbergs piece together the secret about his son Alan is definitely shocking and tragic. 


When Joe cuts off his toes and prances off to Paris.


To fake his own death, Joe cuts off his damn toes and stuffs one of them into a pie. Not to be flippant, but that’s dedication, right? OUI.

Were there any other weird season three moments that we totally missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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