Rachel Bilson Still Has Princess Sparkle From The O.C.

But where’s the Captain??

It’s been over 10 years since The O.C. aired it’s final episode, but it turns out that Rachel Bilson is still hanging on to a very special prop.

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In honor of #WomanCrushWednesday, Rachel decided to share a photo of Princess Sparkle, a beloved companion of her character Summer Roberts.

Fans immediately recognized the pink unicorn toy with the glittery turquoise tail as it was a pretty vital part of three of the show’s four seasons.

But Princess Sparkle’s reappearance left one major question…Where is Captain Oats??

The toy horse was a belonging of Summer’s boyfriend Seth Cohen (AKA Adam Brody) and an important part of his history since the Captain was considered his first “true friend.”

After O.C. director Josh Schwartz questioned the plastic horse’s whereabouts in the comment section, Rachel had the perfect comeback, writing, “Waiting for you to get him out of storage.”

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While Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats’ reunion may be a while off (and in a storage unit), fans are still hoping that the cast will be getting back together soon.

And if you ask Rachel, she’s all for a reboot of The O.C.

Crave/Giphy / Via giphy.com

“I would be open to a reboot. It’s such a fond memory for me and I am so grateful for it,” Rachel told E! News earlier this year.

Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing the cast (and Princess Sparkle) back on our screens soon!

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