PHOTO: Porsha Williams’ Sister Lauren Shares Picture of Her Mom as Porsha Williams Blasts Trolls For Messing With Her Family, RHOA Star Claims "She Has Idea" Who
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Porsha Williams’ Sister Lauren Shares PHOTO of Mom, RHOA Star Blasts Trolls


PHOTO: Porsha Williams’ Sister Lauren Shares Picture of Her Mom as Porsha Williams Blasts Trolls For Messing With Her Family, RHOA Star Claims "She Has Idea" Who's Behind It as Fans Speculate

Porsha Williams blasts social media trolls for going after her family after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta as some fans speculate that Kenya Moore is behind it all. Plus, Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams shares a picture of her mother.

On the January 10 episode of RHOA, Porsha, 39, was seen discussing her childhood with her mom Diane Williams and younger sister Lauren, and they revealed that Porsha and Lauren share the same father, but they have different mothers, making them half-sisters. This revelation came as a shock to most fans as they dished on the memories of their healthy, blended family.

Porsha revealed that as a child she lived with her mother, but she would spend weekends with her father and stepmother, which is where Lauren lived. The sisters shared that they each had a different relationship with their late father, which ultimately caused the RHOA star to become very emotional.

For reasons unknown, some people and fans of the show felt like the ladies were disrespecting Lauren’s mother, Lisa — who Lauren says wants to remain behind-the-scenes as she shared a picture with her after the episode aired — and some were offended by the conversation altogether. As a result, Porsha claims that “fake accounts” have been blasting Diane and Lauren on social media for their role in the conversation.

RHOA Lauren Williams mother Lisa

RHOA star Porsha’s sister Lauren shared a picture of her mom Lisa and her daughter

Porsha took to Instagram Live on January 12 to defend her family and offered some choice words for those trolling her mom and sister. She also claims she “[has] an idea” of who is behind the trolling.

“I want y’all to get the f*ck off my sister’s page, okay,” she declared. “Y’all are on my sister’s page with some bullsh*t. Don’t go to my sister’s page, don’t go to my mama’s page, definitely don’t bring your a** on my page. Don’t come over here talking about my family period; I don’t do that! And I know – I think I have an idea who is behind these fake pages talking sh*t about my family, trying to make my mom feel bad, saying that my mom was trying to make my stepmom look like a side chick. No way in the world,” she stated.

Fans immediately began to speculate that Porsha was insinuating that her co-star and frenemy, Kenya, is behind the fake accounts. After all, Kenya was rather upset with Lauren for disinviting her to Porsha’s surprise party.

“Who is it Ken with the Skin??? She keeps coming for you. You pay her no mind because she needs a storyline,” one fan commented.

“I’m sure it’s Kenya. Her Jealousy is real and it doesn’t look good[,] love watching you and your family,” another wrote.

It’s unclear if Porsha was referring to Kenya or not, but she was heated, to say the least. She went on to further explain Diane’s relationship with Lauren’s mom and called her family “blessed.”

“My mother and my stepmom have the most beautiful relationship,” she revealed. “The most mature, loving relationship. We spend holidays together [and] I’ve seen them have nothing but a respectful, genuine relationship. My mom when she was talking on the show, even said that she was happy when my stepmom got married to my dad.”

The Dish Nation host continued, “So whoever this is that’s bringing this into it this, don’t do it cause the devil’s not gonna work with this one. You as*holes who are trying to bring in negativity and division into my family, you can kiss my a*s! And if I find out who you are behind this fake page, which I have an idea who it is, you’re barking up the wrong tree because we are blessed.”

Porsha explained that the mean comments were upsetting “the people [she] loves,” and she ended her rant with a few more harsh words before giving a nod to her stepmother.

“Anyway, f*ck you, haters! Trolls, go get a life and be blessed! And shout out to my step-mommy! I love and cherish you so much and so does my mom.”

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