Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian Hold Hands Again At Dinner

Read on to find out why this is in fact very important news.

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The Saturday Night Live comedian and former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star instead opted for Italian cuisine at Giorgio Baldi, a restaurant in Santa Monica, over the weekend. If the Daily Mail‘s exclusive photos of their outing are any indication, it looks as though Pete and Kim had a lovely evening.

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Pictures show them laughing in coordinated baseball caps while seated side-by-side behind the wheel of a Lamborghini.

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It is possible the mark seen on Pete’s neck in the Daily Mail’s snapshots is a hickey — Er, “love bite”? Is this what we’re calling it now? — and, as you can probably imagine, people online had lots to say about that.

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To be clear, neither Pete nor Kim has confirmed — or even so much as addressed, really — the ongoing speculation as to whether they’re in a relationship, or just friends who like to hold hands in public now. (They were, again, in the pics from Giorgio Baldi.)

Following their kiss on SNL last month, Pete and Kim went on to spark dating rumors after they were seen sharing a roller coaster train car around Halloween, meeting for dinner in Pete’s hometown, and later celebrating his birthday in SKIMS attire alongside Flavor Flav and Kris Jenner.

Some folks still aren’t convinced whatever’s happening between Pete and Kim is real, as opposed to some sort of PR scheme, but to be honest yours truly is rooting for this a little bit and, accordingly, kind of hoping they’re wrong.

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