Olivia Jade Comment Troll TikTok College

Olivia Jade SCHOOLS TikTok Troll Trying To Make Fun Of Her College Admissions Scandal

OK, OK, we know what you’re thinking. Olivia Jade is the last person who should be schooling anyone. But hey, we call ’em like we see ’em!

The 21-year-old became the face of privilege and laziness after it was revealed her parents, Full House star Lori Loughlin and fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, had allegedly committed fraud and bribery to get her into USC — and even worse, she took it for granted so much she wasn’t even going to class.

But when it comes to clapbacks, gurl has apparently continued her higher education and gotten a master’s degree.

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Because there are lots of folks traveling to gurl’s new TikTok account just to troll her. In a recent fashion post, for instance, commenters wrote stuff like:

“not the rowing uniform”

“Rowing tutorial?”

“Our rowing queen”

While we agree what she and her parents did was wrong, it seems like an odd move to follow her around just to jab at her. Like, isn’t it just telling on yourself that you have nothing better to do But more importantly, if you’re going to come for the “rowing queen” you better not miss. Oar else.

Like when a commenter wrote on another post:

“How’s collage?”

Oh no… Clearly they meant to make fun of her by asking “how’s college” but completely epically failed and ended up putting up a legendary self own — and OJ pounced on it!

Posting a whole video in response on Sunday, she said:

“Thank you for asking. It’s pretty good. I actually love collaging. I am working on this really f**king sick scrapbook that I have to show you guys soon. It’s *mwah* chef’s kiss, beautiful work I’ve done.”

Ha! Ouch!

When you can’t even troll Olivia Jade without face planting like that, maybe it’s time to consider a new line of work? Like, say, being nice to people on the internet?? Just a thought.

Olivia hasn’t spoken too much about Operation Varsity Blues and the fallout for her family. But now that Lori has already done her time and Moss is on his way out of prison soon, maybe she’s finally ready to talk about it? She’s certainly up to sassing about it! Do YOU think this is a sign gurl is back to her old self? We know she’s posting regularly on YouTube again…

Ch-ch-check out Olivia’s TikTok own (below)!


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