Melania Impersonator Parties With Maskless Russian Models at Photographer Antoine Verglas’s Birthday Bash

The New York-based photographer behind Melania Trump’s nude GQ shoot didn’t let the pandemic derail his 59th birthday party.

As the city urges 8.3 million New Yorkers to wear masks and avoid indoor gatherings, Antoine Verglas hosted close to two dozen people—many of them captured on social media without face coverings—for a spread of pizza, wine, and caviar on ice.

One acquaintance told The Daily Beast they didn’t attend the event but were shocked to see Instagram footage from Verglas’ party, with a group of maskless Russian models among the partygoers. “I find these parties terrible as I lost a family member to COVID-19,” the person fumed. “I feel they think they’re above everyone else and because they have money and a few powerful friends, then the rules don’t apply to them.”

“I mean we are in strange times and the scary part is the fact that you don’t know who carries the virus since some people can have it and not even know about it.”

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