Layshia Clarendon Feels “Gender Euphoria” After Top Surgery

Layshia Clarendon is feeling euphoric after undergoing top surgery to remove their breasts. 

The WNBA star, who identifies as trans and non-binary, took to Instagram on Jan. 29 to share the profound emotional impact the surgery had on them. The New York Liberty guard shared a photo of themselves sitting on a hospital bed sans shirt, writing in the caption, “On Jan 13th at 10am I hugged my wife in front of my surgery building, walked in and took a deep breath…The day was finally here. The day I got to have Top Surgery!!!!!!!”

Layshia, who last year was named one of 50 LGBTQ+ heroes fighting for equality by Queerty magazine, continued, “It’s hard to put into words the feeling of seeing my chest for the first time free of breasts, seeing my chest the way I’ve always seen it, and feeling a sense of gender euphoria as opposed to gender ⁣dysphoria.” 

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