Kylie Jenner Shut Down Tweets Laughing About How “Pathetic” Her Shower Is With The Most Petty Video Of All Time

Now, I’d like to make another pitstop here because this line? Well, it really has some subtle punches, doesn’t it?! Kylie is letting us know that she is a BUSINESSWOMAN! With Headquarters! Employees! An empire to run! And not only that, but those headquarters are so fancy, that of COURSE they have a pink marble shower! She is letting us know that while the rest of us are fighting over the coffee machine with Jim from the marketing department at work, she could be having a spa session in a shower that is bigger than the average studio apartment.

Like I said — petty!

“So, this is really my shower at my house,” Kylie carried on, embarrassing us all. “This is my everyday shower.”

Instagram: @kyliejenner

OK look, I don’t want to keep stopping every three seconds but the “this is my everyday shower” is taking me out. That is rich people talk for, “I have 17 bathrooms and a different shower for different occasions, but I guess I’ll show you the basic one to get you off my back.”

“It’s amazing,” Kylie added, showing off the fancy tech OUTSIDE OF THE SHOWER that means you don’t have to get your arm wet just to turn it on. “You turn it on from right here. You can set your temperature — I like 102 — you can do…”

Instagram: @kyliejenner

At this point, the video cuts out and, if you ask me, that was God saying, “OK, don’t stunt on them too hard, showing them the temperature dial was enough. Don’t embarrass them on a Wednesday like this.”

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