KUWTK: Kanye West Officially Out Of The Home He Used To Share With Kim Kardashian And She’s Reportedly Redecorating!

According to new reports, Kanye West is no longer staying at the home he used to share with Kim Kardashian, not even when stopping by to visit their four kids! This update comes after the KUWTK star filed for divorce from the rapper last month.

It sounds like Kanye no longer calls the Calabasas mansion he helped create ‘home.’

However, despite this, one source told HollywoodLife that Kim actually enjoys the space she has only for herself now.

‘Kanye is 100% out of the house and not staying there even when he comes to visit the kids. He does not need anything there anymore. When he has been in LA, he has been staying with music producer friends. Kim’s the main caretaker for the children and she has been having them primarily, but Kanye does FaceTime them often.’

It’s obvious that there must be a lot of space after the ‘Jesus Walks’ maker made headlines for moving no less than 500 pairs of sneakers and other items out of their home only a few weeks before Kim filed the divorce paperwork, and it’s apparently making her want to redecorate.

‘Kim has been doing a lot of redecorating and reorganizing of their home. It has turned into a warehouse of all of her brands now with all the extra space. She wasted no time once all Kanye‘s things were out. Things have not really changed because Kanye has not been in the LA home for so long, but she is utilizing all of the extra space and making it into a new home. She is having fun with it. She loves this home and never had plans to leave it.’

Kimye, who married in 2014, have been living apart for quite some time now.


Although she’s been at the Calabasas house, he’s been spending much of his time at his Wyoming ranch.

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