Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Wellness Hacks

Just as we were wondering what would come next for the Kardashian/Jenner clan as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians era comes to an end (sigh!). We got our answer from Khloé, as her new wellness venture dropped on our desks.

It’s Khloé, the youngest Kardashian sister, who we have to thank for the social shares of her daily workouts, her COVID isolation experience, and motherhood journey. Like the rest of the fam, she’s one savvy business women and it seems she’s not content with one successful business, her clothing line Good American, but also has her eye on the beauty and wellness space like sisters Kylie, Kourtney and Kim. Her latest entrepreneurial venture is partnering on drinkable collagen and protein powder brand, Dose & Co, and (yay!) it’s now also available in the UK.

Collagen is a beauty buzz word of the moment, with searches for collagen supplements up 401% in the past year, with many of us, including Khloe, loving the skin, hair and nail benefits. She credits it with her helping her through her postpartum hair loss, during her own pregnancy with True (more on this later). It was during this time she bonded with fellow mum, Libby Matthews, a qualified nutritionist and naturopath, later joining her at Dose & Co as a spokesperson and active business partner.

Chatting here exclusively to GLAMOUR, Khloe reveals the wellness and beauty hacks she swears by and why collagen is her daily post workout go-to.

What’s your biggest self care takeaway from this past year and time in isolation?

“It is so important for my mental health to stay active, so I try to exercise everyday. Being at the gym is my ‘me’ time. I also love to spend some quiet moments by myself for prayer and self-reflection. Some of my favourite moments are also enjoying my coffee with Dose & Co before I get my day started. 

What is the workout you’re loving most now?

“I love walking on the treadmill to warm-up or when I need to catch up on emails or texts. It’s something I need to do, so why not on the treadmill where I can get my steps in and not even notice it! 

How do you manage your own mental health?

“Taking care of yourself is so important. I sometimes like to just take a break and disconnect, spend time with my family, friends and most importantly my daughter. This time has allowed me to spend time with the people I love most, who also bring me a sense of calm and I’m so grateful for that. 

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What changed for you physically and mentally in motherhood?

“I think I’ve just learned to have more perspective on everything happening. I see everything through my daughter’s eyes now so I’m much more picky and choosy over what’s accessible to her and what she needs.
I started caring about the environment more than ever before, and becoming a mom makes you really want the best for your children and the world they live in. I now look for more sustainable options and try to find plastic free alternatives, like Dose & Co. 

You have talked about your post pregnancy hair loss journey – how did collagen help with this?

“I was experiencing postpartum hair loss and had heard so many amazing things about collagen, but once I started researching, I was disappointed with how many artificial additives and fillers there are in so many collagens. Working with a collagen brand was always something I wanted to do, especially right after I had True. Then I found Dose & Co and spoke with the founder, Libby Matthews. We bonded over our pregnancies and I loved how clean, simple and accessible the products are. It’s done amazing things for my hair, skin and nails. I’ve seen such a huge difference in their overall health, and I think it’s really true that it all works from the inside out. It just fits into my overall routine so seamlessly which is what I love about it. I love the protein powders, especially after a tough workout. 

Any easy hacks you can share on how to add collagen into your daily routine?

“[It’s] become a staple in my kitchen and I love adding the powders to anything I’m making, whether it’s a smoothie in the morning or something I’m baking.  After my workout I make my morning coffee and I love adding the Pure Collagen [Peptides, £28.99, Dose & Co]. I leave it by my coffee maker so it’s ready to go first thing and I don’t have to think about it. True and I also love baking together and we’ve come up with a great recipe for banana bread and include Vanilla Dairy Free Collagen Creamer [£31.99, Dose & Co] – such a special afternoon treat!

[h2]Kourtney is also a fan of collagen have you learnt any other wellness hacks from her?[/h2]
“I’ve learned so much [from her] about being more cognisant of what we put into our bodies. If she gives it the seal of approval that means you know it’s good for you! I absolutely love her avocado pudding.” [Blend an avocado with 2 teaspoons of Manuka honey and coconut milk until smooth, serve in a glass with a spoon. [link url=””]Kourtney[/link] calls it her ‘power meal in a cup.]

“I’m really into my dark brown hair these days! I normally stay blonde, but I’m so into how healthy and full it looks. 

What three products are your absolute beauty essentials?

“Lancome mascara, The La Mer Neck and Décolleté Concentrate. The skin there is so delicate and this balm is so calming and effective for it. And KKW Fragrance Sapphire Diamond Perfume that I created with Kim.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve learnt from Kylie?

“Definitely how to line my lips, I had never done that correctly before!”[Kylie‘s technique is lining the outside of the lip line and colouring the entire lip with liner as a base.]

 “I like to teach people how to treat me so I try to not comment back to trolls and I’ve learned to ignore them. I want to welcome the positive energy instead so I respond when people are positive and kind.

What drives you to be successful?

“Just having a passion for what you do! I think that really translates into my work. If I love and care about something deeply, I want to share that passion with others and that just always comes across as really organic and meaningful.”

Dose & Co is available online and at Holland & Barrett.


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