Kenya Moore Defends Herself Amid Backlash For Ditching Co-Stars And Shades Other RHOA Moms Stating "I Put My Child First," Plus She Claps Back At Porsha Williams Over Snide Comment

Kenya Moore Shades Other RHOA Moms and Defends Ditching Co-Stars Amid Backlash, Claps Back at Porsha’s Snide Comment

Kenya Moore is defending her decision to ditch her co-stars because she puts her “child first” as she shades the other Real Housewives of Atlanta mothers and mentions Porsha Williams specifically.

Fans began to call Kenya out via social media during the February 14 episode as they watched Kenya ditch a game of “Never Have I Ever” with her co-stars to simply go to bed with her two-year-old daughter Brooklyn instead. The reality star explained that she didn’t have anyone to watch Brooklyn — though she had a nanny with her — after several of the ladies confronted her.

As fans likely know, the ladies have expressed their frustration with the former actress and continue to claim they also would have brought their young children along on the cast trip if they had known Kenya was planning to bring Brooklyn, which Porsha explained in a confessional.

“Kenya does have money, Kenya does afford herself nannies, and even if you couldn’t afford anything else, you could afford some common damn sense,” Porsha stated. “Kenya is synonymous with selfish. Listen, I get where Kenya’s coming from, but her being the host, she should’ve given all of us the option to bring our kids or not.”

After hearing Porsha’s comments, Kenya took to Twitter to defend her “selfish” behavior.

“I don’t need to give them an option,” she tweeted. “No one can tell you not to bring your child, not production, not an employer and nor me. And no one brought their child on the next trip even though they were told they could.”

Porsha also sarcastically said that the former Miss USA must be a better mother than the rest of the RHOA women, and Kenya used that remark to shade the social justice activist by suggesting Porsha’s snide comment might actually be true.

“‘Her mothering is better than our mothering’ -Porsha,” Kenya wrote. “Is this about guilt? It’s the nuances in what people say that speaks the truth.”

As she continued to receive backlash, the mother-of-one attempted to remind fans that she did apologize to her co-stars for not extending an invitation to their kids and for ditching them.

“I did apologize. This is purely disrespectful, passive aggressive, and nasty. I don’t have help at home. I put my child FIRST. Brooklyn will always be [number one]… People just said they don’t care about my friendship. So please stop acting like you care.”

Nevertheless, some fans still weren’t buying the star’s “excuses,” but others seemed to understand Kenya’s predicament.

“Girl I raised [four] kids by myself, so what? Stop using that excuse,” one fan wrote.

“I have really never been a fan of Kenya, but I tell u this… she has brought her daughter on all trips. When the ladies go on trips they have moms, maids [and husbands]! Since they already know that Kenya has always brought Brooklyn, why didn’t they ask?? They just love to argue, [shaking my head],” another person commented in defense of the star.

“If the shoe were on the other foot, how would you feel if everyone brought their children and neglected to tell you it was [okay] to bring yours,” a third fan wondered.

Kenya later went on to retweet a fan account’s opinion, stating, “They have weaponized her mother against her and now they’re doing the same thing with Brooklyn. It’s sick.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights on Bravo at 8/7c.

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