Kelly Rowland Says She’s Having A Hard Time Wanting To Watch The Britney Spears Documentary – Here’s Why!

Kelly Rowland admitted that she is yet to watch the Britney Spears documentary and while on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen the other day, she explained why she’s having such a ‘hard time’ getting to it!

Since both Britney and Kelly have similar fame stories, in the sense that they both started their music careers when they were really young, it would make sense for the former Destiny’s Child member to want to check out the documentary.

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However, as far as Kelly is concerned, she would want Britney to confirm that the documentary is a hundred percent her truth first, which she hasn’t!

When asked about having seen it, Kelly replied with: ‘No I have not seen the Britney doc. I am having a hard time in really wanting to watch it. Just because I respect the fact, like, when artists say, ‘This is a documentary. It is OK to watch it.’ You know what I mean? I respect their space and privacy and point of view and story. What they feel like their own story is from their own brains, their hearts, mouths from which they speak. So I kind of respect that. But everyone says they really enjoy it and it is great.’

Another guest on the show, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Garcelle Beauvais, could confirm since she has watched it!

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Beauvais dished that she was truly moved by the film, saying that Britney was ‘such a young girl living in a fishbowl. I felt sorry for her.’

Sure enough, the documentary focused a lot on how Britney was treated by the media during her early career.

Furthermore, it also discussed the conservatorship Britney was placed under back in 2008.


As you may know, her father, Jamie Spears, is still in charge of her estate and finances today and the pop star has been trying to remove him without any success.

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