Kelly Dodd Reveals What Percentage of Positive Beverage She Still Owns Despite Being Dropped by Brand, Plus RHOC Star Announces Her "Newest Venture" and Defends Herself Against Backlash

Kelly Dodd Still Owns 5 Percent of Positive Beverage After Firing as RHOC Star Announces “Newest Venture”

Kelly Dodd may have been fired from Positive Beverage last month, but according to the Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, she still owns a portion of the company.

As she announced her newest business venture on Instagram on Monday night, Kelly revealed she still owns five percent of Positive Beverage while also defending herself against claims of having allegedly joked about being “super spreaders” in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

“So excited to announce my newest venture!” Kelly wrote on February 1. “I’m collaborating with [UVé Beauty] to bring the highest level of hygiene and sanitization to the beauty industry. You won’t believe how amazing these products are. Let me know how you like the blenders and brushes. Out with the old, in with the UVé.”

RHOC Kelly Dodd Announces Partnership WIth UVe Beauty

As soon as her post was shared, the RHOC star was met with backlash from a fan who predicted she would soon be booted from UVé Beauty, just as she was from Positive Beverage.

“Until they remove you, just like Positive Beverage did?” the person asked.

“They didn’t,” Kelly replied. “I still own [five percent] of the company!”

RHOC Kelly Dodd Still Owns Five Percent of Positive Beverage

Another person in the comments section of Kelly’s post found it ironic that Kelly would be promoting a hygiene product after supposedly joking about super spreaders during a recent outing with friends in Newport Beach, California.

“Wow, hygiene and sanitation after you joked about super spreaders during a pandemic?” the person wondered.

“I didn’t,” Kelly shared. “The guy said it first as a joke!!”

RHOC Kelly Dodd Defends Herself Against Claims of a Super Spreader Joke

While it is unclear why, Kelly’s post promoting UVé Beauty was removed from her page shortly after it was shared.

Kelly was removed from her role within the Positive Beverage brand over the weekend due to her “controversial views and opinions.” A short time later, Kelly shared a post calling for the cancelation of the brand on her Instagram Stories.

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