Kathryn Dennis Reveals If She & BF Chleb Ravenell Have Talked Marriage

Last week, Dennis revealed she hopes Chleb will join her on Southern Charm if she returns for an eighth season.

“I hope so, we’ll see. I was afraid to ask that question about if there was another season would you want to be involved at all if I did it. I mean he’s open to it because he really does handle stress and adversity well,” she shared. “I think he might be open to it. We’ll see. He’s definitely going to be in my life.”

During last week’s Southern Charm reunion episode, Dennis also revealed her ex and her kids’ father Thomas Ravenel is suing her for full custody.

“We’re still trying to work everything out. And we will, I have faith and trust that we will,” Dennis shared of the ongoing legal battle. “I’m not allowed to say anything terribly specific, however I will say that we will figure it out. You know, the kids and I are really happy and they are wonderful and that’s just what I want to keep my mind on.”

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