Kardashian Family Trainer Spills Tips to Keeping Them in Shape

Working on their fitness! Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian’s trainer Don “Donamatrix” Brooks spilled all the secrets regarding how he works to keep them in shape.

“Kourtney and I do a lot of outside workouts on her basketball court in the back of her house. We use the basketball court a lot. So, we’re talking about a lot of springs, a lot of jump rope,” the celebrity fitness trainer told Us Weekly exclusively on Thursday, February 18. “We also incorporate some light resistance with the resistance band and the BOSU ball. Khloé, we workout mainly in her garage so we have a lot more equipment to work with. So, the resistance for her comes from more the dumbbells, bar bells — as far as her workout goes. The focus for her is more a little bit more lean and body fat percentage.”

He shared that with Khloé, 36, most of their workouts take place in the garage.

“We have a lot more equipment to work with. So, the resistance for her comes from more the dumbbells, barbells — as far as her workout goes,” he added. “The focus for her is more a little bit more lean and body fat percentage.”

Trainer Don Brooks. BODYARMOR

As far as working out with Kim, 40, they exercise in her full gym. “We have all the tools there and it’s more of a resistance and cardio set-up workout when it comes to her,” he said.

Though the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars are close-knit, they all have very fitness goals. Brooks revealed that his self-dubbed “Donamatrix” method is the four-quarter system that’s at the core of how he trains them.

“I use the four-quarter Matrix method with all three of the girls, but within that method for Kourtney, the main focus is probably her mid-section [and] her abs,” he explained. “For Kim, it has to be the arms. She loves focusing on her arms and her butt. She loves the triceps [and] making sure her arms are small because she wears a lot of stuff where she’s showing her arms. … And [for] Khloé, it’s mainly her butt. She loves working on her butt, so we focus on that.”

Kardashian Family Trainer Details How He Helps Each Them Stay Shape
Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West. John Salangsang/Shutterstock

Brooks often incorporates a BOSU ball while having the Good American cofounder do lateral squats, jump switch lunges and push-ups. Kourtney, 41, and Kim will typically do multi-functional movements and resistance-band exercises such as squats with bicep curls and squat jumps. All three women do mountain climbers, BOSU crunches and BOSU twists to help their abs.

One thing that pushes Kim, Kourtney and Khloé during their workouts is their respective children — who are often present for the trio’s early morning sessions.

“The kids [have] become motivation because you try to get them to do the exercise and then you can get the kids to do the exercise,” the BODYARMOR ambassador revealed. “They’re making sure they do the exercise to be a good example for the kids. So, they actually really help out.”

Brooks said that “the most effective way” to lose weight is by eating and drinking the right things. His preferred beverage for the Kardashian women during their workouts is the BODYARMOR Lyte sports drink.

“When we work out, I make sure they’re hydrated properly because that’s very important on the body and performance,” he shared. “It’s natural, it’s low in calories, low sugar and just a great sports drink.”

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