Kanye West's mental health history probably won't be a factor in the couple's child custody hearings amid divorce! Here's why!

Kanye West’s Mental Health History Will Reportedly NOT Impact Child Custody After Kim Divorce

As Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West navigate the world of divorce this week and beyond, they must also figure out child custody and co-parenting arrangements for their four children.

Of course, the couple has kids NorthSaintChicago, and Psalm to deal with as they legally and logistically split up. But from the sounds of it, child custody issues and co-parenting agreements could come relatively smoothly if all works like it so far has for the A-list stars and their famous family.

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According to “sources with direct knowledge” of the divorce proceedings who spoke about it to TMZ, Kim “totally trusts” Kanye with their kids. As such, even though the Chicago-born rapper has gone through notable peaks and valleys with his mental health in the recent past, that will “not have an impact” on Kim’s move to share custody of the children.

There’s one good reason for that, aside from the comforting and obvious fact that Yeezy really loves the kids: there’s been a safety net in place for a while now.

According to the media outlet, given the family’s A-list lifestyle, Kanye is already “rarely alone” with the children; instead, there are almost always caretakers, assistants, family members, and others around to help take care of the kids. The hope is that continuing things in that way, it can significantly lessen the burden of child care for the College Dropout rapper, making things significantly easier and healthier for him. And generally, the insiders claim, Kanye is not around the kids when having any sort of bipolar episode.

Even outside the existence of help in place around him, TMZ claims that Kanye has really stepped up as a “great dad” during his time with the four children. Over the last few months, they claim, he’s “even made a couple trips with just him and some of the kids,” and apparently “no additional assistance.” Wow! So that certainly bodes well for the whole co-parenting thing.

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Obviously, “joint custody” can mean a lot — anything from a perfect 50/50 split to something far more in favor of one parent over the other. So we’ll just have to wait and see what gets worked out through the divorce process to learn where Kim and Kanye ultimately stand on this one. It’s clear, though, that the two of them have a lot of respect for each other as parents, and that will go a long way to keeping things smooth when it comes time to delegating custody from a legal perspective!

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