Josh Duhamel Reveals How He Proposed to Fiancée Audra Mari: ‘I Didn’t Have A Ring!’

Josh Duhamel is opening up about how he proposed to now fiancée, Audra Mari.

While speaking to US Weekly in a new interview, the 49-year-old actor revealed that he actually didn’t have a plan at all when he popped the question to Audra.

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“I just sort of decided last minute that was how I wanted to do it,” Josh shared, adding that he “didn’t have anything planned.”

He admitted to not having a ring, but one thing he did know was that that day was THE day: “I was like, ‘OK, you gonna do this today. Today’s the day.’ And that’s just how it all kind of happened.”

Josh revealed that he and Audra were on vacation in the Florida Keys and he wanted to ask her in a “beautiful” way and settled on sending the former pageant queen a literal message in a bottle.

“I coordinated with [the concierge] there to make sure that bottle was floating up to shore as we were walking out there,” he says.

He also told the outlet and he knew he wanted to marry Audra from very early on in their relationship.

“Unfortunately, we were dating from the distance for a while, or it probably would’ve happened a lot earlier,” Josh shared, explaining that Audra had moved back to Fargo, North Dakota, at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. “We were right for each other, and we just made it work.”

On top of his engagement news, Josh also has some exciting career news too!

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