John Mayer Reveals Why He “Hopes” His Exes Still Write Songs About Him

Music aside, the “Free Fallin'” singer discussed his future plans and the one thing he hopes to check off his bucket list.

“There’s one thing left and that’s wife and kids,” he said. “That would complete all of it, and I thought about this as recently as last night. ‘Cause my brothers are both married and have children.”

John noted that his parents had him later in life, explaining his dad was 50 years old when he was born. It’s an age, he said, he sees himself becoming a parent.

“I think the age is not determined by anything other than when you think you’re done needing things from the world for just you,” he shared, adding, “I’ve come to a point in my life where, with this stuff, I’m not fatigued completely, but…I definitely explored the life of what can be done for me by me.”

While the musician has thought about getting married and starting a family, it’s something he wants to do when he’s 100 percent ready to settle down.

As he summed it up, “I would never want to have a wife and kids while I was still investigating what’s out there for me to be explored by me.”

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