Jodie Foster Reacts to Aaron Rodgers Thanking Her in Engagement Speech

Jimmy then asked whether Jodie plans to thank Aaron if she wins a Golden Globe for The Mauritanian. She then gave a nod to the Packers’ star wide receiver when she shared, “Absolutely. I may have to name the whole team. Davante Adams has to be in there somewhere.”

Clearly, Jimmy was still confused, as the rest of us undoubtedly are. “He mentions his fiancée, who is Shailene Woodley, who is your co-star in this particular movie,” he said. “And that’s just a total coincidence?”

Jodie replied, “I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but yes, she is, and she’s fantastic. So we spent a lot of time on The Mauritanian together in a little tent with a little air-conditioning spitting at us, talking about our lives and recipes and people we hate and things like that.”

Jimmy then added, “And the Green Bay Packers,” leading Jodie to respond, “And the Green Bay Packers somehow came up!”

Frankly, this interview managed to create more questions than it answered. At any rate, if Aaron, Shailene and Jodie are all spotted wearing Cheesehead hats together someday soon, we won’t be too surprised.

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