Jennifer Lopez Claps Back at Hater Claiming She Got Botox

Not holding back! Jennifer Lopez set the record straight and clapped back at an Instagram commenter who claimed the 51-year-old singer had Botox.

Celebrating the release of her JLo Beauty line, the “On the Floor” songstress shared an IGTV video over the weekend of her trying out the Limitless Mask. While most of the video’s comments were positive and praised The Wedding Planner alum’s newly release product, one social media troll called out Lopez and accused her of “definitely” getting Botox.

“But can I just mention that brows and forehead doesn’t move at all when you talk or try to express,” the hater wrote. “You definitely have Botox. And tons of it. And it’s all good. Just saying.”

Upon seeing the negative message, Lopez clapped back, writing, “LOL that’s just my face!!!”

“For the 500 millionth time … I have never done Botox or any injectables or surgery!! Just sayin’,” she added. “Get you some JLO BEAUTY and feel beautiful in your own skin!! Here’s another JLO Beauty secret: Try spending your time being more positive, kind and uplifting of others and don’t spend your time trying to bring others down, that will keep you youthful and beautiful too!!! Sending you love.”

In December 2020, the “Get Right” singer also shut down Botox rumors in the Instagram comment section. “Botox galore!” one fan wrote underneath a video of Lopez’s skincare routine. The actress hit back and wrote, “I have never done Botox. These are my real skincare secrets.”

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